The 2020 Season Starts this Weekend for GPCC

After the unfortunate delay to the start of the cricket season, Greenwood Park have a full weekend of Cricket this weekend.

On Saturday we travel to Potten End in the first game of the Herts League and on Sunday we host a friendly against Chalfont St Peter CC who we would have faced in the Chess Valley league before it was cancelled for 2020.

Please see below the information around the COVID rules for this year:

  • You must follow government guidance on Covid-19, which includes on travel and minimising car sharing where possiible. Please read the below additional guidelines and adhere with these.
  • Please follow specific instructions from captains especially in regard to set up/putting away and guidelines at the ground (e.g boundary markers/ropes etc). If players do not adhere by set guidelines on an ongoing basis then the committee may decide on disciplinary action.
  • Ensure you are clear of any COVID-19 symptoms in line with Government Guidance. If you develop symptoms, please report to the captain/committee member immediately that you will not be able to play (this includes during a game);
  • The only facilities we expect to be available at the ground are the public toilets, the changing rooms will not be in use. Therefore, ensure you are ‘ready to go’ when you arrive at the ground, this means dressed in your whites.
  • Please bring your own hand sanitiser and maintain strict hand hygiene where possible.
  • Please ensure you bring your own refreshments, no clubs will provide Tea’s or Drinks of any kind
  • We would ask that you arrive no more or no later than 20 minutes before the start time, in your whites ready to play;
  • During play, no saliva or sweat is to be transferred to the ball at any time;
  • Hand sanitizer should be used at any break in play and strictly before consuming food or drinks;
  • Every 6 overs or 20 minutes (whichever is first) the ball must sanitized by the fielding captain;
  • Bats and wicketkeeping gloves must be sanitised after use;
  • Wicket Keeper to return ball to bowler in most direct route;
  • At the fall of each wicket the ball must be returned to the base of the stumps, NOT to the umpire. In fact NO items may be passed to the umpire, including hats or jumpers
  • Social distancing must be observed at 2 meters on the field, with the exception of the slips and wicket keeper who must remain at least 1 meter apart;
  • In the event of rain, participants should return to their own vehicle to maintain social distancing if there is insufficient outdoor cover from the rain to maintain social distancing. 
  • We would ask the scorer to also update the scoreboard, use rubber gloves when doing this task and to safely dispose of these when complete; 
  • To reduce handling of change please ensure you bring the correct change where possible (£10 Match Fees); and
  • Please ensure you bring the following kit: Cricket whites, Trainers, Batting box, Batting gloves and helmet. No kit can be used before cleaning by another person.

These rules are in line with the ECB’s return to recreational cricket guidance, if you wish to read further please visit the ECB website (link above).

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